Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Things I've Learned


5 Things I’ve Learned

Organize Senior Moves is proud to say that we’ve been in business for over 5 years, with more than 500 jobs in the books!  This has been a fantastic opportunity to learn about more about myself as well as my clients.  Below you will find a short list of things that our team has learned over the years.

  1. You can never begin to downsize too early.  Whether you are planning to move a month  from now or a year from now -- begin the process of downsizing!  It will take longer than you think, especially if you are planning to work on your own.

  1. Give yourself time.  Although similar to #1, there is a difference.  Here we are talking about the time it will take to line up the various tasks that will be needed to downsize efficiently.  It is important to be realistic about the amount of time you can spend on this process.  Do not plan to spend more than 2 hours at a time on this if you will be working alone.time.jpg

  1. Research your resources.  Be sure to consider and investigate all of the resources that you may need.  Get recommendations from friends and websites such as Angie’s list and Yelp.  When contacting the resources, have a general idea of what your timeline is, and ensure that the contact is able to meet your needs.    ANgie;s list.jpe

  1. Expect the unexpected.  This can be interpreted two different ways:  First, as you sort through years of accumulation you will come across things that you  have not seen in years (the good, the bad and the ugly).  Be prepared to respond accordingly.  Secondly, anticipate that their will be a bump in the “downsizing road” at some point.  Again, be prepared to respond accordingly.  

  1. Ask for help.  This includes family and friends.  Senior move managers such as Organize Senior Moves are an especially valuable resource, able to establish a timeline and work schedule to help you meet your deadlines.  

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